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Eb Fömmel Enlightenment School and Healing

Healing session online or by photo

The Space Healer, Eb Fommel, with over 35 years of experience working with energies, has developed his energetic and spiritual body and works directly from the Primordial source of energy (the same energy emitted by the icon of the Virgin Mary and many different holy places).

The Healer conducts healing sessions on physical and energetic levels, connecting the patient with their soul, eliminating existing energy blocks in the body and emotional restrictions in the soul.

As a result, the person receives purification and filling with energy that harmonizes with their life. The physical body is healed and life is harmonized in all areas, bringing inner peace.

The sooner a person seeks treatment at the early stages of illness or emotional trauma, the easier it is for the energy blocks to dissipate, and the fewer sessions needed to balance the energy, eliminate pain, and correct imbalances.

📌 A healing session can be divided into several stages depending on the severity of the illness and the patient’s energy state. In any case, this is determined by the Healer.

📌 The cost of one session is 58 euros.

Private training in Taoist practices and energy work is available for both men and women.

The training consists of four individual sessions per month.

Private teaching is the transfer of knowledge and energy from a Master to a student. The student develops certain skills in sensing and controlling energy in their body, their body’s superpowers and intuition, as well as healing themselves and others.

During spiritual and energy practices, self-healing and alignment of energy movement in organs, meridians, and energy centers occur.

The student learns grounding practices, connections with the Primordial Source and the upper spiritual world, opening the heart, transforming negative emotions, and managing their sexual energy.

At an advanced level, the student learns to exit the physical body, travel within and beyond Earth’s space.

Anyone who wants to develop their spiritual and energy potential, develop their energy and spiritual bodies, strengthen and heal their physical body to harmonize all aspects of their life can become a student.

As a result, the student not only self-heals but also gains tools to work with energy in their body and energy sources outside. The knowledge and skills they acquire can be used in any situation in their life, whether it’s a relationship with a partner, self-relationship, business problems, or physical illness.

📌Lesson duration is 40-60 minutes, four lessons per month.

📌Online teaching, by prior agreement.

📌Cost is 110 euros per month.

Energy support and cleansing

Setting up energy protection

This is a session of cleansing a person from negative influence:

  • from outside, in the form of negative energies of other people,
  • from their own thoughts and emotions,
  • from energy interference of spirits and various entities.

After cleansing, a person feels free and filled, their own life gets back on track, the desire to create and achieve appears, and their life becomes harmonious in all areas.

  • Energy support sessions are also necessary for the souls of deceased people to help them with their own purification and orientation towards the light, so that they can leave and merge with the light.

Such sessions are ordered by the relatives of the deceased. It is also possible to seek help for oneself when feeling the presence of the deceased in one’s aura, or other spirits or energy structures, or when experiencing anxiety and worry.

📌 Sessions are conducted via photo. The number of sessions and the cost are determined by the Cosmic Healer.

Why is this important?

  1. It is important because the Earth is rapidly raising its vibrations and undergoing purification.
  2. It is important to maintain one’s emotional balance during a global pandemic.
  3. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to learn how to heal oneself and receive support and connection with the light and its higher vibrations.
  4. Living a conscious life and understanding how the world works helps one to fill oneself with energy and live with an open heart in the vibrations of unconditional love.
  5. To achieve success in one’s endeavors, it is necessary to constantly grow spiritually and energetically.

Master of Taoist practices and Cosmic Healer

Eb Foemmel

▪ Since 1995, he has been a Space Healer, an instructor in the Healing Tao system of Master Mantak Chia.▪Since 2000, he has been a Pranic Healer in the Choe Kok Sui system (Philippines).

▪Since 2004, he has been a Spiritual Healer in the system of Petr Alkunovich (Russia).

▪Since 2007, he has been a Healer and a personal disciple of Master Sai Baba.

▪From 2016 to 2020, he was the founder of the Healing Tao Center in Germany. He has studied theology, psychology, Gestalt therapy, and family therapy. He worked as a family psychologist in Berlin for 8 years.

Over 35 years of Daoist meditative practice, he has developed his spiritual and energetic bodies through gained skills in working with energies and receiving initiations.

Together with his wife, they have created a Daoist family and live together according to the principles of the Dao. They practice and teach the Daoist practices of “Healing Love” and help people to achieve harmony in their souls, happiness on earth, and light in life on earth and beyond.


Tatiana Dumchikova

I want to express my gratitude and love to the wonderful master Eb Foemmel. Thanks to the advanced Taoist practices taught in his classes, a state of calmness and harmony is now always with me, and I know what to do to keep it that way. I always look forward to our group sessions with pleasure. Thank you, Master, for your knowledge, for believing in us, for your love, for the fullness and light you bring. Sending a heartfelt embrace)


Irina Skorokhodova

I was introduced to Taoist practices in the summer of 2014, and since then they have become a permanent part of my life! My teachers, Eb and Elena, helped me to clear all the negative emotions that had settled in my organs and charge them with new quality energy. Many life situations that I have encountered and goals that I have achieved would not have been possible without the practices. That’s why I never miss my sessions with Ib, and I feel the effects of the practice for a long time afterwards!


Private training

✔ Online training

✔ Live transfer of knowledge and energy from the Master during classes

📌 Costs 110 euros per month.

Private Healing Sessions

✔ Online or through photo

✔ Healing on physical and energetic levels, including assistance in healing from COVID

✔ Cleansing and energizing

📌 1 session costs 58 euros.

Energy support, cleansing, and protection

✔ Online session through photo

✔ Cleansing from negative influence

✔ Energizing and transmitting extra energy

✔ Establishing a strong energy protection

📌 The cost is determined by the provider.

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