Elena and Eb Fömmel

Tao – Teacher of the Universal Healing Tao of Grandmaster Mantak Chia.

Teacher through Sai Baba and several Spiritual Healer.

Enlightenment Meditation of the Inner Alchemie:

Seminars Tao – Practices for Females / Females and Male

Tao Basis Training

Tao Yin

Chi Kung

Tai Chi

Healing Love

Enlightenment Tantra

Fusion of the 8 Elements

Connection to Nature/Cosmos


Opening of Heart- , Crown-  and all other Chakras

Emotional, Soul and Body Development

Imprinting of Pakuas and Programming and Training of the Tao – Practices

Development of the Refined Bodies and the Immortal Soulbody

Leading to Enlightenment with Connection to the Primordial Force

Through Transformation Development to the Highest Spiritual Development Levels and the save Basic for all Schools

Lessons, Seminars and Private Sessions


Webinars and Private – Skype Sessions


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