03.05.2020 Stimulation of Immune System


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Every Sunday

19.00 Central European Time (UTC +2)

14.00 Atlantic US Time (UTC -4)

11.00 Pacific US Time (UTC -7)

Programm of online class “ Immune System Activation”

  1. Lungs cleaning and strengthening.
  2. Throat, thyroid glands activation for control of immun system.
  3. Sacrum and bone charging for produce red and white blood cells.
  4. Developing Thymus gland for training T lymphocytes and Abdomen for stem cell activation.
  5. White flower meditation for a good lymphatic system.
  6. Kidney charge for protection power.


  • Extra energy for spiritual development, business, relationship and whatever
  • Feeling love to yourself, emotional balance, harmony and safety
  • Connection with the high-developed spiritual world

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Just apply this code and enjoy


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