Individual sessions


  • Getting the VIOLET LIGHT
  • Creating PAKUAS connected to organs, senses, nature
  • Building the ENERGY BODY and the SPIRITUAL/SOUL BODY
  • Other individual development tasks


Individual sessions are good to solve your problem with help of energy and help of spiritual world.
The Healer will not only heal your Body connecting with your Soul, but also teach your Mind and Energy, how to work with the energy independent.
Неге are are the pictures how energy moves from organ to organ and how to clean negative emotions with sounds.
If you have some specific questions please ask us.


In these privat sessions Eb checks the energy of the organs, balances and strengthens them to prevent sickness and stabilises the immune system. Aging processes cannot be stopped but with more energy You feel much better. Children react quite fast to that treatment.



With a photo Eb checks the ground, where to built a house, which one to buy in an energetically point of few.
Also You can ask, where to put the beds in a room and where may be disturbing zones.



We learn to be grounded and centered for stability, self – confidence and power. Every training with Eb is an INITIATION in the Soul Connection with the Source, the same Holy Mary is connected to.

This opens the crown chacra for the Higher Light which has intelligence, strenghten us and can be programmed.

We come out of our heads and the heart feels light and radiating happyness and loving feeling. It is a better thinking if the heart and head are not overloaded in this multiinformative world. What changes Your life to a delight and creative feeling is the moving the energy of the orange center up and gets food for the soul and the spirit as well as it is a major fact for immunity and a healthy life.

In the Healing Love we circulate the life – force through the body, exchange with trees, mountains and the loving partner.

Welcome to our training and in the creative world.

In this unique training Eb connects with each participant to open crown and heart chacra as well as giving extra power for the next 3 weeks, if You continue the practice by Your own or in our training groups or single – sessions for ever !

This is an initiation in the devine. Eb channels this energy through his refined bodies, energy and soulbody which work beyond space and time.

It takes only a few weeks of deepening the teachings and You can also connect with natur and Your friends.

You learn to strenghten the organs with the force of nature, Your aura becomes stronger and disturbing energy cannot influence Your feelings.



In the beginning the Tao Practices are fascinating and nice, with a little experience the life becomes overwhelming rich and intense. Learn from more than 5000 years experience of the Tao Masters.
Centuries this knowledge was kept secret, especially for white westerners. When You feel the radiant hearts of the sufi dancers, you get an idea of that.
Easy to learn and happyness in the praxis help to achieve Tao methods fast and they will change Your life soon to a lightful being.
A major aspect in our training is that I channel the abilities and methods to You through the distance.
The soulbody works beyond time and space.
With my channelling You feel the methods easily and the body programms for Your new feeling.
This makes our training to a very high value Highlight.

Don’t miss this oportunity for a rich spiritual life and come to the Tao Training


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